You have a big vision and an even bigger burden to reach the lost. The Church Online Platform extends your reach past the walls of your church and the limits of your city to a mission field that covers almost every soul on Earth.


Private Platform

Get your own private online gateway for your members to have quick and easy access to your Online Church Platform. Lots of exclusive offers including members portal, etc.


Shared Platform

Join our list of churches and get your own page, Online Church Platform with personal login. We can have your church live in 24 hours. Access to our marketing and other tools.

Online Church Platform

Design Options
Payment Options
  • Websites are designed to suit the needs of your brand, your customers and your stakeholders. Therefore, the prices may vary based on your needs. This represents our basic package which includes a max of 10 pages.

    Our basic sites do not include an online payment portal or store. However, it includes bookings, video database or ticketing.

    Our eCommerce websites include secured online payment portal and store. However, it does not include bookings, ticketing or video database.

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