Apply to be a member of The Success Plan

Thanks for your interest in being a Legacy Building Influencer with UME Digital Media, Inc.


To become a Legacy Building Influencer and expand your reach, get your story and message out to a wider audience of qualified members. 

To receive network support in establishing, developing, registering or promoting your brand or business.

To gain access to qualified brand creators, owners, influencers and promoters.

To gain access to wealth building resources, business support groups and million-dollar products, resources and programs.

We provide support so that you can change to earn your freedom!


Establish a career or brand, or help others establish theirs, as a Legacy Building Influencer - Brand Creator.

Develop your brand or business reputation, or help others to develop theirs, as a Legacy Building Influencers -Brand Developer.

Register your brand or business, or help others to register theirs, as a Legacy Building Influencer - Brand Promoter.

Increase your presence and reach, promote your business within a network of qualified leads or help others promote theirs as a Legacy Building Influencer - Brand Influencer.


Everything we do is about financial freedom, to live the good life - health, wealth, love and happiness.


If you believe you are a good fit and your message aligns with our mission, please review the below requirements.


If you meet the requirements, please proceed to complete the application. 


NOTE: No MLM, Forex, C2C, or any network marketing types of businesses will be considered.


After completion, the team will review your application and reach out to schedule a brief interview.


1. You must know how to use Zoom and the internet.

2. You must have a suitable mic so that we can hear you clearly with little interference and no background noise.

3. You must have the desire to become a legacy building influencer and the expert in your area of business.


4. You must specialize in at least one area of the following areas: health, wealth, love and happiness.

5. You must have an interest to learn, change and adapt. Your number one goal must be OWNERSHIP.

6. You must be able to honor your commitments and do your work, which includes but is not limited to attending meetings, completing required tasks and paying monthly dues.

7. You must be willing to make an investment into your own brand and wealth plan, we will only invest in owners who believe in their own brands.

8. You must have at least one product or service to offer that can be scaled up. (Or open to us helping you to create one)


9. Only submit an application if you have a very clear and specific objective. We cannot consider goals that are vague without a specific concept or idea.  


10.  Please prepare to speak between 5 minutes to 45 minutes about your brand when called upon.


NOTE: We accept graduates, professionals and business owners.


Choose which of the following best descrbes you:

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted with available times our official fist meeting.


Please only apply if you have a well-crafted specific story and teaching that fits with our niche.


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